Tourists in Greece are not required to quarantine themselves if they are infected with COVID-19

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A new government decision issued by Greek authorities earlier this week stated that tourists who become infected with COVID-19 while in Greece will not be forced into quarantine.

Specifically, they will not there are quarantine rooms at the hotels for tourists with Covid-19, according to the decision (FEK) on health protocols for the operation of tourism business during Covid-19, for 2022, issued by the Ministries of Health, Tourism and Economy. .

In addition, the current rule, which requires all those infected with the virus to remain in quarantine for a period of five days, does not apply to travelers, he explains. GTP. According to the new protocols, tourists will be able to choose if they want to stay in self-isolation and only for the number of days they have booked.

In addition, under the new regulations, tourists infected with Covid-19 will be able to travel by ferry, plane or other means of transport, provided that wear a protective mask (FFP2 or ΚΝ95).

This means that tourists visiting Greece and suffering from COVID-19 can stay in their hotel room or accommodation for the period they have booked if they choose to do so and can travel with all forms of public transport, regardless of the results of positive or negative tests, as long as they wear a protective mask.

More specifically, according to the new protocols for hotels:

  • - in case of a positive case at a hotel, the health manager of the unit is informed and the tourist is advised to isolate himself in his room;
  • - the affected person receives a mask and the unit's internal physician is informed. For hotels or units without a doctor, the local doctor is called to evaluate;
  • - if a patient needs hospitalization, he will be transported by ambulance or any other necessary means to the nearest health center;
  • - The National Public Health Organization (EODY) should also be informed of the incident by the hotel's COVID-19 manager (by phone 210-521-2054 or 1135)
  • - the regulation leaves open the possibility for hotels with Covid quarantine rooms to use them if the doctor deems it necessary and mainly for infected staff members.
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