(Video) 10 years of Airbus A380 - New generation, new experience

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On January 18, 2005, during a grand event that took place in Toulouse - France, the first Airbus A380 aircraft was officially presented. After about 9 years of development (1996-2005), the Airbus A380 found its way from the design table to the production line. Airbus has proven to be an aircraft manufacturer capable of manufacturing a full-capacity, high-capacity two-story aircraft. The aircraft is designed to carry up to 853 passengers configured in one class / 525 passengers in 3 classes.

Also in 2005, but on 27 April 2015, the first Airbus A380 (F-WWOW) was to fly off the ground in a historic aviation flight.

10 years have passed since then, and A380 has enjoyed real success. The cost of development and design was 25 billion, and the list price of an aircraft is 428 million dollars (according to the Airbus price list presented in 2015).

In 10 years, Airbus received orders for 317 aircraft and 28 options, from which he delivered 152 of units (all in operational service) to 13 airline operators.

Below is a list of the 13 operators and the dates they received the first Airbus A380:

Singapore Airlines - October 15, 2007 (launch client)

Emirates - July 28, 2008

Qantas - September 19, 2008

Air France - October 30, 2009

Lufthansa - May 19, 2010

Korean Air - May 24, 2011

China Southern Airlines - October 14, 2011

Malaysia Airlines - May 29, 2012

Thai Airways - September 27, 2012

British Airways - 4 July 2013

Asiana Airlines - May 26, 2014

Qatar Airways - September 17, 2014

Etihad Airways - December 16, 2014

The largest order for the A380 was placed by Emirates - 140 of units. Emirates also has the largest operational fleet of A380 - 57 by super jumbo.


In 10 years, Airbus A380 aircraft transported approximately 75 million passengers those 94 of route served, to those 44 of destinations where super jumbo flies.

About the technical specifications, I invite you to read in our dedicated article - Airbus A380 - the giant of heaven!

According Top 5 longest flights by plane in the world, a ranking recently posted by Airlines Travel, Airbus A380 under the Qantas livery currently operates the longest route: DALLAS - SYDNEY. The distance from 13 804 Km is traveled in 15 hours and 20 minutes from Sydney to Dallas and in 16 hours and 55 minutes back. This shows that A380 is a reliable aircraft for long and very long flights.

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