Wizz Air operated the first "green" flight, Lyon - Bucharest, using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

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On June 28, once not coincidentally, Wizz Air operated the first "green" flight to Lyon - Bucharest, using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). As I said, the date was not accidental, June 28 being the date when the Connecting Europe Days event began, the emblematic event of mobility in Europe, which takes place between June 28-30 in Lyon, France.

From cockpit A321neo

Wizz Air's special flight, Lyon - Bucharest, was "green" and because several sustainable practices were implemented on board.

Brought to the next level by the Airbus A321neo aircraft, an example of sustainable aviation, the green demonstration operations that operated using partially sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) are a moment for Wizz Air and the aviation industry.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a blend of conventional aviation fuel and biojet fuel obtained from circular economy waste and residues, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% over a life cycle.

During the demonstration operations, Wizz Air refueled 4,5 tons of a mixture of SAF fuel (which was used as cooking oil), consisting of 30% pure sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and 70% Jet A1 fuel. . This has helped Wizz Air to date, to date, the lowest possible emissions per passenger-kilometer in Europe, among the airlines that have taken part in this effort dedicated to sustainability.

WIZZ flew with a 14,2% SAF mixture, which led to a 2% reduction in CO12,8 emissions. The airline already uses a fleet of state-of-the-art, low-emission aircraft. Wizz Air is proud to have one of the newest fleets in Europe, with an average age of 4,93 years, which will continue to improve and decrease to 3,6 years until 2024 and even up to 3,2 years. until 2026.

sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

It was also a greener flight in terms of on-board services, demonstrating that sustainable aviation can be implemented at all levels of the travel experience, while providing superior passenger services.

During the flight, journalists, influencers, crew members and all other passengers learned more about Wizz Air's sustainability programs directly from Johan Eidhagen, Chief People and ESG Officer at Wizz Air, and learned how to further contribute to the reduction. environmental footprint when choosing to fly.

The captain of the flight, Andreea Lițescu, also shared more details about the airline's initiatives to reduce fuel consumption, which contribute to Wizz Air's performance in the industry in terms of carbon intensity.

Wizz Air has encouraged passengers to travel with optimized luggage, collect recyclable waste on board and choose from vegan food options.

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