Romania could eliminate the 14-day self-isolation, but will request a negative test.

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At this point, Romania has been on alert until October 15. All this time, Romania has compiled a list of countries with a high epidemiological risk, also known as the "Yellow List".

All those traveling from countries in the yellow zone are quarantined at home / declared location for 14 days. But the Romanian authorities would like to change the measure of self-isolation with negative tests.

Romania could eliminate 14-day self-isolation

"We are analyzing the possibility of using the test method, ie to replace the quarantine period of 14 days, in case a negative test is performed. We are in talks and we will make a decision this week. " - said Ludovic Orban.

Specifically, the head of government said that, depending on the evolution of cases of infection with the new coronavirus in the countries on the yellow list, Romania could eliminate the mandatory quarantine period of 14 days, requesting, instead, a negative coronavirus test citizens coming from countries with a high number of infections, informs PRO TV.

There are more and more coronavirus infections in most European countries. More than half of them have grown by more than 10 percent in the past two weeks. More and more European countries surpass Romania in the index of new cases per 100 inhabitants, which would lead to their introduction on the yellow list according to the legislation in force in our country. And with their inclusion on the yellow list, the measure of flight suspension also applies.

France, Spain, England and Hungary are among the countries that are registering an increasing number of new cases of COVID-19 overnight. The negative coronavirus test measure would allow free movement and people could travel without further restrictions.

A concrete example with this measure in force is Greece, which all summer accepted only tourists with negative tests or tested in entering Greek territory. A good and beneficial measure for all.

We will return with firm information as soon as the Romanian authorities take a concrete decision!

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