The Airbus Vs. Boeing September 2016: Sales and Orders

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Boeing and Airbus, the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, reported sales and orders in September. At the same time, they also presented the figures for the 9 months from 2016.


Airbus in September 2016

For Airbus, September 2016 was a good month. Delivered 62 aircraft and received orders for 49 units. The Airbus A320neo has exceeded the 4800 threshold of aircraft ordered so far.

Delivered aircraft: 53 single-aisle aircraft, including 8 Airbus A320neo aircraft; 3 Airbus A330 aircraft, including the first A330 for RwandAir; 5 Airbus A350 XWB aircraft, including the first A350 XWB to China Airlines. The delivery list is completed by 1 Airbus A380 Emirates.

In the 9 months of 2016, Airbus delivered 462 aircraft to 72 customers. A significant increase compared to 2015, when it delivered 446 aircraft between January and September.

Related to the orders received, at the end of September 2016, Airbus had arrears for 6479 airplanes: 5520 of single-aisle airplanes of the A320 family; 336 x A330; 769 x A350 XWB and 124 x A380.

I would also add Airbus, also for September 2016: The second Airbus A350-1000, painted in "carbon" livery; The first Airbus A330neo take shape in Toulouse

Boeing in September 2016

In September 2016, Boeing detonated Airbus for deliveries and orders. Delivered 72 aircraft and received orders for 55 units.

Delivered Airplanes: 46 single-aisle aircraft from the 737 family; two Boeing 747-8i; two Boeing 767; 10 Boeing Triple Seven aircraft and 12 Dreamliner aircraft. Among the airlines, we note that an 737-700C flew to Air Algeria, Ryanair received 5 aircraft 737-800, American Airlines enriched its fleet with an 787-9 and two 737-800, British Airways received 2 Dream 787-9), China Eastern Airlines received 3 737-800), Emirates Airlines (2 x 777-300ER), Southwest Airlines (4 x 737-800) and TAAG Angola Airlines (1 x 777-300ER).

Since the beginning of the year, Boeing has delivered 563 aircraft: 368 aircraft from the Boeing 737 family; 8 x 747-8i (3 rented); 10 x 767; 73 x Boeing 777 and 104 Dreamliner aircraft.

To the Boeing account, also for September 2016, I would add: Al 500 Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be delivered to Air France; Boeing 787-9 Aeromexico in Quetzalcoatl livery.

2016 will still be closing. Then the big line will be drawn this year. Airbus or Boeing?

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