LOT flights with Embraer E190 on the route Warsaw - Bucharest

Starting January 2019, LOT Polish Airlines will upgrade on several routes, introducing the Embraer E190 aircraft instead of the E170 / E175 aircraft.

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LOT Polish Airlines has increased the 2018-2019 winter schedule. Thus, we could observe that the Polish carrier will operate several flights with Embraer E190 on several European routes, including the Warsaw-Bucharest connection.

Currently, LOT Polish Airlines operates 3 daily flights on the route Warsaw - Bucharest. They are honored with Embraer E170 / E175 / E195 aircraft and occasionally with Boeing 737-500 under Blue Air livery.

Embraer E190 on the route Warsaw - Bucharest

Bucharest - Warsaw S18 flight schedule with LOT

LO644 Bucharest 05: 35-06: 25 Warsaw Embraer E175
LO642 Bucharest 14: 50-15: 35 Warsaw Embraer E195
LO646 Bucharest 18: 00-18: 45 Warsaw Embraer E175

LO641 Warsaw 11: 20-14: 10 Bucharest Embraer E195
LO645 Warsaw 14: 30-17: 20 Bucharest Embraer E175
LO643 Warsaw 22: 40-01: 45 + 1 Bucharest Embraer E170 / E175

Between January 4 and March 29, 2019, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, flights LO644 and LO643 will be operated with Embraer E190, thus increasing the transport capacity on this route.

LOT Polish Airlines has a fleet of 6 x Embraer E170 from 70 seats; 12 x Embraer E175 of 82 of places; 12 x Embraer E195 from 118 places. The new Embraer E190 (4 in number) aircraft, which will also fly to Bucharest, will be received in January 2019 and will be able to carry up to 106 passengers.

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