[TAP offer] Discount 10% from FINAL RATE, 28-30 April 2014

[TAP offer] Discount 10% of the FINAL RATE (including taxes) for destinations in Portugal, Spain, Africa, North and South America

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During the 28-30 period of April, TAP Portugal comes with an unbeatable promotion. offers discount 10% of FINAL TARIFF (with taxes included) for selected destinations (the most attractive destinations in the TAP portfolio for the Romanian market).

The promotion takes place during 2 days of sale, and 10% discount from the FINAL PRICE (with taxes included) is calculated by entering the code FLYTAPRO0414 , at the time of booking on www.flytap.com. I emphasize the importance of introducing this code in order to benefit from the discount!

Promotion applicable to departures from Bucharest to destinations in: Portugal, Spain, Africa, North and South America.

Below is an analysis of the lowest rates applicable for these destinations, before and after applying the discount:

Destination Period of travel Round trip fare, taxes included Tariff after applying the reduction, round trip, taxes included
Lisbon 1-31more // 16September-15 December 2014 258 Eur from: 232Eur
Funchal - Madeira Island 1-31more // 16September-15 December 2014 358 Eur from: 322 Eur
Porto 1-31more // 16September-15 December 2014 282 Eur from: 254 Eur
Lighthouse 1-31more // 16September-15 December 2014 311 Eur from: 280 Eur
Seville / Bilbao / Malaga 1-31more // 16September-15 December 2014 NEVER Eur from: 252 Eur
Madrid 1-31more // 16September-15 December 2014 290 Eur from: 261 Eur
Oviedo (Spain) 16septembrie-15decembrie2014 289 Eur from: 260 Eur
Morocco: Casablanca 01noiembrie-31decembrie14 376 Eur from: 338 Eur
Morocco: Marracheck / Tangier 01noiembrie-31decembrie14 369 Eur from: 332 Eur
New York 15mai-15iunie//15noiembrie-15decembrie 2014 559 Eur from: 503 Eur
Miami 15mai-15iunie//15noiembrie-15decembrie 2014 639 Eur from: 575 Eur
Azores: Terceira, Ponta Delgada, Horta 1-31more // 16September-15 December 2014 378 Eur from: 340 Eur
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro // 15august-15septembrie15noiembrie-15decembrie2014 804 Eur from: 724 Eur
Brazil: Fortaleza, Natal, Recife, Salvador // 15august-15septembrie15noiembrie-15decembrie2014 974 Eur from: 877 Eur
Brazil: Porto Alegre, Brasilia City // 15august-15septembrie15noiembrie-15decembrie2014 944 Eur from: 850 Eur
Cape Verde Islands: Sal, Praia, Sao Vicente, Boavista 01-30iunie//01septembrie-31octombrie 2014 648 Eur from: 583 Eur
Colombia: Bogota 16august-15decembrie2014 1078 Eur from: 970 Eur
Panama City 16august-15decembrie2014 1071 Eur from: 964 Eur

The discount of 10% is foldable on any tariff, but only during the two days of promotion. To get the best rates, you need to hurry. The promotion will be activated on 28 April, and seats will be limited.

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