The commander of a Frontier Airlines aircraft ordered pizza for the passengers on the plane

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Delays are not the most beautiful times in our travels, but can a pizza make it easier for us to get over them? To this question probably one of the 160 of passengers on board an Airbus A320 aircraft will be able to answer. Frontier Airlines.

For them, flight 719 (Ronald Reagan Washington - Denver) operated by Frontier Airlines on Monday night, became a more special one. Due to the storm, the aircraft had to land in the area Cheyenne, Wyoming. So an 3.5 hour flight would turn into a longer flight and a stopover at a regional airport.

In these conditions, Gerhard Bradner (aircraft commander) decided to buy more lots of pizza for him and the passengers on the plane, paying for the order from your own pocket. His gesture is applauding, all the more because he did not want to say the costs, but even said that he felt responsible for the fate of the people on the plane and considered it normal to take care of them.

After a few hours of parking and full stomach, passengers and crew departed from Cheyenne Airport, shortly after landing in Denver, their final destination.

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