The new routes scheduled in the summer season 2021 from / to Romania

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In March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our news was about suspended flights, canceled routes, closed borders. Here that in March 2021, more precisely at the transition to the summer season, we come with good news and we announce the new scheduled routes from / to Romania. In this article we will summarize the Blue Air network.

For this year, Blue Air, Wizz Air, RYANAIR, TAROM, Lufthansa, HiSky, Air Serbia and many other airlines have announced dozens of new routes to / from Romania. At the same time, flights will be resumed on many suspended routes in 2020. The focus is on holiday destinations, such as the islands of Greece, Spain, Italy, but also to various destinations in Germany, Austria, Poland, etc. But no more introduction, let's see what it's all about.

New Blue Air routes for the 2021 summer season

Blue Air, the only low-cost company founded in Romania, is making huge efforts to overcome this pandemic. Last year they canceled most routes and gave up a large part of the fleet. Here that this year the situation is totally different. The first Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft will arrive soon, and the operational network will grow by dozens of routes.

  • Blue Air flights and routes from Cluj-Napoca: Burgas (June 20); Brussels (July 2); Constanta (June 21); Koln (July 2); Madrid (July 1); Roma (July 2) and Stuttgart (NOT July).
  • Blue Air flights and routes from Bucharest: Olbia (June 19).

The new Wizz Air routes for the 2021 summer season

This summer, Wizz Air will launch 16 new routes from / to Romania. In addition, Wizz Air has put on sale tickets on suspended routes in the summer of 2020 and in the winter season 2020-2021.

  • ZWizz Air ferries and routes in Bacău: Roma Fiumicino (from June 12); Brussels (from June 19); Catania (from June 12); Torino (from June 12); Munich (from 3 November).
  • ZWizz Air ferries and routes from Bucharest: Heraklion (from June 14); Mykonos (from June 11); Santorini (from June 10); Corfu (from June 15); Zakynthos (from June 15), Rhodes (June 18); Alghero (from July 2); Cagliari (from June 13); Bergen (October 31); St. Petersburg (from October 1); Castellon (from June 30); Palma de Mallorca (from June 12); Santander (from July 3); Sevilla (from July 3); Tenerife (from July 2). Occasionally it will fly on the route Bucharest - Skopje, during the European Football Championship.
  • New Wizz Air flights and routes from Cluj-Napoca: Vienna (from June 17); Larnaca (from June 18); Abu Dhabi (from 16 September); Lyon (from June 11); Berlin (from July 2); Hamburg (from July 7); Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (from August 2); Koln (from June 20); Nurnberg (from June 16); Crete Chania (from June 12); Mykonos (from June 11); Zakynthos (from June 12); Palma de Mallorca (from June 19); Zaragoza (from June 13).
  • Wizz Air flights and routes from Constanța: Roma Fiumicino (from July 2).
  • Wizz Air rumors and routes from Iași: Brussels (from June 30); Larnaca (from May 2); Santorini (from June 13); Tel Aviv (from April 29); Venice (from June 4); Bari (from June 6); Bologna (from April 29); Catania (from June 6); Torino (from June 5); Eindhoven (from April 29); Birmingham (from June 2); Liverpool (from May 1).
  • Wizz Air flights and routes from Târgu Mureș: Roma Fiumicino (from July 1); Budapest (from June 30).
  • Wizz Air flights and routes from Timisoara: Brussels (from June 20); Frankfurt (from June 20); Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (from June 20); Santorini (from June 12); Venice (from June 20); Bari (from June 18).

Wizz Air has requested approval for flights from Cluj, Iasi and Bucharest to Antalya

The new RYANAIR routes for the 2021 summer season

During the COVID-19 pandemic, RYANAIR was one of the few airlines in Europe that continued to fly on essential routes, as long as it was allowed in view of the restrictions imposed by the authorities. During 2020, RYANAIR canceled several routes to / from destinations in Romania. But 2021 is announced much more intensely and with more flights.

  • RYANAIR flights and routes from Bucharest: Zadar (from 19 June), Corfu (from 1 July), Sofia (from August 2).
  • RYANAIR flights and routes from Oradea: Dusseldorf (from July 3); Bologna (from July 1); Milan Bergamo (from July 3); London Stansted (from July 3).
  • RYANAIR flights and routes from Sibiu: Corfu (from July 3); Bologna (from July 2).
  • RYANAIR flights and routes from Suceava: Vienna (from July 1); Rhodes (from July 1); Milano (from July 2) and Roma (from July 1).

New Lufthansa routes for the 2021 summer season

  • Lufthansa flights and routes from Iasi: Frankfurt (from July 2)

New Eurowings routes for the 2021 summer season

  • Eurowings flights and routes from Bucharest: Stuttgart (from November 2).
  • Eurowings flights and routes from Timisoara: Stuttgart (from November 1).

Before you buy your plane tickets, analyze travel conditions imposed by the destination countries for those traveling from Romania. We hope that in 2021 we can travel more and easier, without too many restrictions, thanks digital green certificate announced by the European Commission.

* Flight routes and timetables are established by the respective airlines in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed by local authorities or in the countries of destination. For more information on routes, flights and airline tickets, contact the airlines.

* The AirlinesTravel website is not responsible for operational changes, canceled flights or the sale of airline tickets.

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