Airport chaos: strikes in most European countries; thousands of flights canceled; crowded airports, lost or delayed luggage!

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What is happening in commercial aviation is no longer a negligible situation, which could be treated promptly. Today, most European airlines are facing a shortage of flight attendants. At the same time, major European hubs have ground staffing problems.

Chaos in airports

In addition to the labor crisis, the civil aviation industry is also facing a wave of dissatisfaction from pilots, flight attendants, security guards and auxiliary workers. Obviously, most of the grievances are related to money, salaries, but there are other claims. For example, the navigating staff wants to respect the sleeping hours, others want better working conditions, there are sectors where upgrading to modern standards has been required, etc. In other words, dissatisfaction has to do with money, but not everything comes down to money.

All this has led to the cancellation of thousands of flights, and tens of thousands of passengers have been killed. The latter could not travel to the desired destination. The reason for the trip doesn't matter anymore.

As expected, about 10% of the flights scheduled for July and August have already been canceled and it is not excluded that we will witness other cancellations. Airlines are forced to use planes that can carry more passengers to reduce the effect of cancellations on passengers.

But even so, the airports have announced that they will limit the number of passengers who can travel daily, a decision also made due to lack of staff. An airport manager said that it is better to take such measures in time and to affect a finite number of passengers, instead of having spontaneous cancellations and putting many more passengers in unpleasant situations.

Strikes in most European countries

For you, I have made a brief summary of the strikes announced and the measures taken by various airports in Europe:

Strikes in Europe

Measures taken by airports:

Flights canceled by airlines

Passengers affected by delayed flights (more than three hours) or canceled less than 14 days from the date of take-off may be eligible to receive commissions between 250 euros and 600 euros.

And do you know the paradox in this whole story? Commercial and passenger aviation accounted for 80% -85% of reported air traffic in 2019 for the same period. The estimates were incorrect. The desire of the people to travel has surpassed the most optimistic scenarios regarding the return of the passenger aviation industry.

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