Wizz Air flights operated from Romania between 6 and 17 April.

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In recent weeks, Wizz Air has suspended many flights. And this is due to travel restrictions imposed by the governments of the countries of Europe. Flights from / to Romania were also affected.

After activating the military ordinance 7, Wizz Air has announced the suspension of flights to the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Basically, ordinance 7 suspends all flights to / from countries considered in the red zone.

And yet Wizz Air will not suspend all flights to / from Romania. Starting April 6, Wizz Air will operate several regular flights from Romania to the Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Flights to Lisbon are also scheduled, with Portugal still in the yellow zone.

In the next 14 days, Wizz Air will operate flights from / to Romania:

- Bucharest - Billund (Denmark) 2 weekly flights
W6 3211 Bucharest H. Coandă 06:05 - 07:55 Billund Wednesday, Sunday
W6 3212 Billund 08:25 - 12:05 Bucharest H. Coandă Wednesday, Sunday

- Bucharest - Lisbon (Portugal) 1 flight a week
W6 3197 Bucharest H. Coandă 15:45 - 18:25 Lisbon Saturday
W6 3198 Lisbon 19:00 – 01:15+1 Bucharest H. Coandă Saturday

- Bucharest - Malmo (Sweden) 2 weekly flights
W6 3209 Bucharest H. Coandă 19:35 - 21:10 Malmo Monday Friday
W6 3210 Malmo 21:40 – 01:05+1 Bucharest H. Coandă Monday Friday

- Bucharest - Oslo Torp (Norway) 2 weekly flights (available for booking from April 13)
W6 3215 Bucharest H. Coandă 06:10 - 08:20 Oslo Sandefjord Torp Monday Friday
W6 3216 Oslo Sandefjord Torp 08:50 - 12:50 Bucharest H. Coandă Monday Friday

- Bucharest - Stockholm Skavsta (Sweden) 2 weekly flights
W6 3201 Bucharest H. Coandă 12:25 - 14:15 Stockholm Skavsta Monday Friday
W6 3202 Stockholm Skavsta 14:50 - 18:35 Bucharest H. Coandă Monday Friday

All flights will be operated with Airbus A320 aircraft. Tickets can be purchased from the Wizz Air reservation system. Depending on the decisions taken by the authorities, the airlines can adjust their operational schedule.

PS I mentioned that all the passengers, who come from these destinations, will enter compulsory isolation at home, for 14 days.

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