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On 25 March 2013, turned 1 year since it took flight in the civil aviation and travel industry. The event did not go unnoticed, but I decided to "open" the champagne and "blow" candles at the fulfillment of 1000 posts. Here is the long-awaited day, and this article marks the 2 anniversaries. at 1 an


The first year was harder. I tried and I think I managed to come up with information relevant to those passionate about the civil aviation industry, airlines, airports, but also for those traveling by plane. We published useful tips for airline passengers and combined the world of travel with that of the aviation industry.

  • In 2012 I participated in a number of important events:

- I was with the approximately 1300 participants in The "Olympic Day" cross TAROM - the only specialized site in the aviation industry that participated in this event
- We celebrated June 1 2012 with the passionate children of airplanes at "First flight lesson" TAROM
- June 1 2012, I practiced first aircraft spotting on Otopeni
- June 30 2012, I was together with Wizz Air at the inauguration of the Bucharest - Verona route - the only specialized site in the civil aviation industry that participated in this event
- June 30 2012, Red Bull Order Smaranda 2012 - skydiving in the city
- 21-22 July 2012, Airlines Travel was a media partner at Bucharest International Air Show 2012 - I introduced you photos from BIAS 2012 and from "Flight at dusk"
- August 1 2012, on a visit to the Carpatair Flight Training School
- 18 September 2012, Open Doors Day at TAROM
- November 6 2012, Inauguration of the new Terminal Departures of the Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest
- November 12 2012, 90 years since the first transcontinental airline in history
- November 14 2012, published in ANAT magazine with the article „TAROM, Flaps Up!"
- January 31 2013, with in the report

In addition to the above, in the first year of I wrote about new air travel, I presented the best promotions to you plane tickets and I had one competition organized in partnership with Carpatair and Laptop News.

After the first year, cannot boast of a very high traffic, but I am proud of the results obtained. Between February 2012 and March 2013, the website was visited by approximately 50 000 of unique that generated almost 130 000 of impressions.

To keep up to date with news from the civil aviation industry, I invite you to join the fans AirlinesTravel on facebook, on twitter and subscribe to the news feed. Thank you for reading!

I wish you clear sky!

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    Congratulations! Happy Birthday!

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