European airlines have established plans to resume flights. (updated on June 4)

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We are in full swing COVID-19 pandemic and it seems that we are no longer patient with all the rules and restrictions imposed by the authorities. We know that they were applied to protect the population and not to collapse health systems. In Romania we have been in a state of emergency for 2 months now and all we have to do during this period is to have PATIENCE.

#StamAcasa and we deal with all kinds of preoccupations: movie, live zoos, we visit online museums around the world or museums and objectives in Romania, we play or listening to music. We even got to do it paper airplanes. It is true that some of us work from home and otherwise time passes. But the thought escapes us to travel, flying, walking.

European airlines are gradually resuming flights

We know that post-COVID holidays they will not be the same, at least in the coming months. Special measures have been taken and are being taken to protect people. We are talking about rules for social distance and protection in aircraft, airports, from work and even on the street or in shops.

In these difficult times, we are most pleased with the news coming from the airlines, which are announcing the plan to resume flights.

Blue Air flights - from July 1, 2020

Blue Air, the only low-cost company in Romania, is going through difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It needs financial support from the authorities, and gthe government approved the rescue credit.

However, due to travel restrictions imposed by Romania and other EU countries, Blue Air decided to resume flights from July 1, 2020. This can also be seen in the booking system. Blue Air has activated international flights and routes, But and internal routes, starting July 1. Blue Air operational changes: fleet reduced, destinations eliminated, number of flights reduced.

In june, Blue Air has a series of repatriation flights planned from Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Cyprus, Belgium, Spain.

Aegean Airlines has resumed its air operations

Aegean Airlines has resumed its air operations on several European routes. He started flying to Brussels and Paris, and in the following days he will fly to Frankfurt and even to Bucharest (from June 6).

At the same time, Aegean Airlines flies on several domestic routes, especially from Athens to various Greek islands. The plan is to start flights from Thessaloniki after June 15.

Lufthansa Group flights - from June 1

Lufthansa Group resumes commercial flights starting in June. 160 planes will rise from the ground. Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Eurowings and SWISS will start regular commercial operations to 106 destinations in Europe and Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Lufthansa will resume flights on the route Frankfurt - Bucharest starting with 17 June. Lufthansa intends to resume flights on the route Munich - Bucharest starting with 17 June. Austrian Airlines will resume flights Bucharest - Vienna, from June 18

SWISS intends to resume 15-20% of the operational program set for June. That would mean about 140 weekly flights from Zurich to 30 destinations in Europe and about 40 weekly flights from Geneva to 14 destinations in Europe. Zurich - Bucharest with SWISS, resumption of flights from June 19, 2020.

Air Serbia flights - from May 18

Air Serbia plans to resume flights on May 18. Flights Belgrade - Bucharest, from June 15. Air Serbia has big plans and announces the resumption of flights on most routes in the portfolio.

Starting June 1, Air Serbia will operate normally to destinations such as: Podgorica, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Tirana, Zagreb, Skopje, Bucharest, London, Sarajevo, Sofia, Frankfurt, Brussels, Kiev, Krasnodar, Zadar and Nice.

Air Serbia will optimize the number of weekly flights to: Tivat, Ljubljana, Athens, Thessaloniki, Amsterdam, Prague, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Istanbul, Milan, Dusseldorf, Dubrovnik, Split, Larnaca, Copenhagen, Stuttgart, New York, Banjaluka, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Venice, Pula, Barcelona , St. Petersburg and Madrid.

Czech Airlines flights - from May 18

Czech Airlines plans to resume flights from May 18 to Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Stockholm. And from May 24, 2020, Czech Airlines intends to fly on the route Prague - Kiev.

From May 25, 2020, Czech Airlines plans to resumes flights on the routes Prague - Bucharest and Prague - Odessa, provided that the quarantine measures in Ukraine are completed as currently planned.

British Airways flights - from 1 July

British Airways has updated its operational schedule for planned European operations from July 2020. From London Heathrow, British Airways intends to resume flights to several European destinations, including on the route London Heathrow - Bucharest.

Thus, from 1 July, British Airways would operate 316 weekly flights to Europe. The percentage is small compared to the pre-crisis period generated by COVID-19, when it operated 1750 weekly flights.

KLM flights - from May 4 with extension from June 1

On May 4, KLM began to gradually resume flights to destinations in Europe. As I announced to you, KLM resumed its activity on the Amsterdam - Milan Malpensa route, following the resumption of flights to 7 other destinations in the following days, which had their flights suspended or restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting May 11, wearing masks will be mandatory on all KLM flights.

KLM's goal for May is to resume 15% of its flights, compared to the pre-Covid-19 period. A considerable number of intercontinental flights are currently operated only in cargo mode.

According to the reservation system, KLM will resume flights Amsterdam - Bucharest starting with 17 June 2020. For the beginning, 1 daily flight will be operated, and from July 4, it will be switched to 3 daily flights.

Air France flights - from May 18 with extension from June 1

Air France has adjusted its operating schedule for June. The main air carrier in France intends to increase its operational network from 3-5%, as it currently stands, at 15-20% of normal capacity scheduled for this time of year. From June 1, there will be many more destinations, and the number of flights will increase considerably.

From May 18 until the end of June, Air France plans to fly to approximately 80 destinations in France, Europe, Asia-Pacific and America. Air France resumes flights on the route Paris - Bucharest starting June 17, 2020.

RYANAIR flights - from June 23

Update: The flights between Great Britain and Romania cannot be operated because the authorities in Bucharest have suspended them.

Initial story: RYANAIR has announced that it will resume flights on 3 European routes. From May 15, Ryanair intends to fly from London Stansted to Bucharest (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Porto (Portugal). We are talking about a limited program, with flights from Ireland and the United Kingdom on 28 European routes. The extension of the operational program will take place starting with July 1.

Ryanair has announced plans to resume 40% of flights starting July 1 2020, subject to government restrictions on intra-EU flights and effective public health measures. RYANAIR resumes flights from Romania starting July 1. Some routes may start earlier.

Brussels Airlines flights - from June 15

After more than seven weeks of rest, Brussels Airlines intends to resume operations on 15 June. The Belgian carrier intends to start with a reduced schedule, which will be developed according to market demand and travel restrictions.

While preparing to resume flights, Brussels Airlines will implement all necessary health protection measures to protect its customers and employees.

Wizz Air flights - operated now and with future prospects

These days we hope to see more and more flight plans and even flights. At the moment, from Romania you can fly to several destinations outside the risk area. Inclusive Wizz Air flies from Romania between June 01-16, 2020. And the outlook is optimistic. Wizz Air has announced dozens of new routes with flights from Romania, in 2020. At the same time, at European level, Wizz Air is expanding and announced 55 new routes and 3 operational bases, in Milan Malpensa; Tirana and Larnaca. More more flights to Salzburg, Austria.

With a little luck and hope in our souls, we hope that after June 16 we will be able to fly to most destinations and countries in Europe.

TAROM flights - from May 18

TAROM resumed domestic flights starting May 18. And in the near future, maybe even at European level. The only international route, which remained operated during the crisis, was Bucharest - Athens.

Until the resumption of frequent commercial flights, TAROM has several repatriation flights planned, until June 16.

Alitalia resumed flights on June 2

Alitalia has resumed domestic flights from Milan to the south of Italy, but also on the route Rome - New York. Starting June 2 Alitalia hopes to increase the number of flights by 36% compared to MayFrom Milan Malpensa Airport, where the airline will continue its operations until the reopening of Linate Airport, Alitalia will operate 2 daily flights to and from Bari, Catania and Palermo and 4 daily flights to and from Cagliari, Alghero and Olbia. Let's not omit the 8 daily flights to and from Rome.

We are updating the list of European airlines with the resumption plan

Starting with May 15, 2020, the Romanian state authorities have established, on the entire surface of Romania, the state of alert.

Thus, by the Decisions of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, it is ordered to extend the flight suspension until June 16it is to and from the following countries: Italy; ❌Spania; ❌Germania; ❌Franţa; ❌Austria; ❌Belgia; ❌Elveţia; ❌SUA; ❌United Kingdom; ❌Olanda; ❌Turcia; ❌Iran.

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